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Brand: ACS Model: R-ACS-ACR1252U-M1
The ACR1252U is USB reader specializing in reading and writing to NFC Forum-certified credentials through its 13.56Mhz contactless technology. It cleverly contains a Secure Access Module (SAM) for additional security applications wanting to incorporate a a SAM card for further authentication or key ..
Brand: ACS Model: R-ACS-ACR1281S-C1
Introducing the ACR1281S-C1 DualBoost II; a dual interface reader compatible with any contact/contactless smart card that complies with the ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 standards.With this device, easily integrate conventionally separate applications for contact and contactless technologies into one ..
Brand: ACS Model: R-ACS-ACR1281U-C1
Introducing the second generation of ACS’s ACR128 DualBoost Reader; the ACR1281U-C1 DualBoost II is compatible with any contact/contactless smart card that follows the ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 standards.With this dual-interface reader, easily integrate conventionally separate applications for con..
Brand: ACS Model: R-ACS-ACR1281U-C2
For those looking to significantly cut down on driver installation issues during the integration process into PC environments, the ACR1281U-C2 Card UID Reader is the ideal solution. Due to its compatibility with the Human Interface Device (HID) standard, integration is made simple and effective. For..
Brand: ACS Model: R-ACS-ACR39U-U1
Bringing modernity to the world of smart card readers, the ACR39U Smart Card Reader ushers in new sophisticated technology. With its modern design, this compact card reader promises to meet the rigorous demands of smart card-based applications.The ACR39U comes complete with a USB Full Speed inte..
Brand: ACS Model: R-ACS-ACR39U-UF
Introducing yet another breakthrough for ACS readers, the ACR39U-UF Smart Card Reader is one of ACS's latest products addressing the evolution of USB standards.The ACR39U-UF boasts a USB Type C connector which features reversible plug orientation and cable direction. This allows for mobile-to-d..
Brand: ACS Model: R-ACS-ACR1255U-J1
The ACS ACR1255U-J1 is a 13,56Mhz contactless reader with the convenience of having both Bluetooth® connectivity as well as a standard USB connection for users working in a busy environment. It supports ISO14443A/B for popular cards like Mifare Classic and Mifare DESFire as well as ISO 18092 for mos..
Brand: ACS Model: R-ACS-ACR3901U-S1
Combining sophisticated technology with a modern design, the ACR3901U-S1 ACS Secure Bluetooth® Contact Card Reader is the perfect smart card reader for your smart card solution. This impressive wireless device strings together all the latest technology, bringing it into the world of smart card reade..
Brand: ACS Model: R-ACS-ACR890-A1
This all-in-one reader from ACS, the ACR890, combines contact, contactless and magnetic read/writing capabilities with a new generation PIN-pad reader along with a thermal printer! In addition it also supports wireless connectivity through GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi. This makes it extremely versatile when h..
Brand: ACS Model: R-ACS-ACR900-A1
The ACR900-A1 is a new handheld EMV terminal from ACS designed for taking payment. It has good connectivity options such as WIFI, GPRS and 3G making it simple to connect to the back-end. It uses a 32-bit secure processor running Embedded Secure Linux®, 512MB Flash and 256MG RAM. It features a built-..
Brand: ACS Model: R-ACS-APG8201-B1
The APG8201-B1 from ACS is a smart card reader with a built in keypad and LCD screen to give more security when making website transactions. It contains a Secure Pin Entry (SPE) feature so that PIN numbers are not compromised through attack. Cardholder verification and authentication when logging in..
Brand: ACS Model: R-ACS-ACM1252U-Y3
The ACS ACM1252U-Y3 is a USB NFC reader module that contains a seperate detachable antenna board to help integrators with easy integration as well as giving maximum reader distance. The ACM1252U-Y3 reader supports all three NFC modes; peer to peer (active communication with another NFC device), rea..
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