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Brand: Gemalto Model: R-CP-HWP117685
The Gemalto ID Bridge CT30, previously known as the GemPC Twin TR USB, has an innovative transparent design that highlights the design of your card and offers a modular concept meaning you can add accessories such as a stand for desktop usage. It is compact and lightweight to optimize shipping expen..
Brand: Gemalto Model: R-GE-HWP113026
The ID Bridge CT700 by Gemalto is a class 2 reader featuring a keypad and display, adding secure PIN entry (SPE) functionality to the Gemalto PC-Link family of readers. It provides a highly secure way to enhance your smart card based application, by protecting the smart card pin code from unauthoriz..
Brand: Gemalto Model: R-GE-HWP108841
The Gemalto IDBridge CT40 Reader, formerly known as the GemPC USB Serial Reader, offers a great and stylish looking card reader with a serial interface. This product offers the very best in practical reading solutions, alongside customisation options, such as being able to imprint a company logo on ..
Brand: Gemalto Model: R-GE-A1138627
The IDBridge K50 by Gemalto, formerly known as the USB Shell Token V3, gives you all the functionality of a smart card reader in a compact key ring sized format. Its both waterproof and tamper resistant and is designed to give you the flexibility to choose the smart card of your choice, this makes t..
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