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Wooden Cards

The key focus for the hospitality industry is very much centered on the positive experience for guests. As a result, more modern hotel systems are being introduced deploying hundreds of thousands of contactless smart or proximity cards.

With a 20-year heritage in smart card technology; Universal Smart Cards is helping the industry to extract the most out of the technology.


Universal Smart Cards is proud to launch our range of ‘wooden cards’ into our eco-friendly product portfolio. These are particularly popular for our partners supplying into the Hotel and Leisure industry.

Wooden cards are a great way to not only reflect your businesses’ style and class, but they also communicate your brands’ commitment to reducing the use of plastic. They provide an incredible canvas for designs and ultimately create a durable and aesthetically pleasing asset. Wooden cards are a fantastic alternative to PVC for the business who is conscious of their plastic use because, most importantly, our wood is all from FSC approved sources and is fully biodegradable.

Key Benefits

FSC approved

We only use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved wood for the manufacture of all our cards. This gives you peace of mind that your wooden cards are sustainably sourced. You can also display the FSC logo to show your organization is supporting positive environmental initiatives.


Wood is one of the most sustainable materials available when it comes to card construction. This is due to its absorption of carbon dioxide whilst growing, its reduced use of energy for manufacture (when compared with plastic) and the fact it will easily biodegrade. Unlike plastic, it contains no toxins that are harmful to the planet when it breaks down.

Unique and Professional

Using high quality wooden cards can do great things for your brand! The unique look and feel makes your brand stand out from others and adds a touch of class giving a professional well thought out approach to the cards you use.

Available in a range of different woods...

Each wood creates a different feel and finish for your organization. Choose from the following popular types that are available:

Cherry – a good, rich depth of color

Bamboo – particularly good for strength and durability

Walnut – this very dark wood works well with dark colored branding

Beech – another rich color

Birch – particularly good if you are looking for very smooth or flat surface

Sapele - another darker shade

Please refer to our digital proof sheets  that will give you a feel for each type.

Card Design Gallery

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