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Brand: Elatec Model: R-EL-T4FK-FBFRLM6
The Elatec MultiTech USB Front Reader is a contactless RFID reader/writer which features a rotatable USB interface offering 360° mounting. It enables users to read and write to the majority of 125 kHz / 134.2 kHz and 13.56 MHz tags and/or labels...
Brand: Elatec Model: R-EL-T3DT-MB2BEL
the Elatec TWN3 Mifare T3DT-MB2BEL Desktop Reader can be integrated easily, due to it's specific design. Either USB or RS232 communication is avalible and ready to connect thanks to the support given from this high-quality reader. It has two onboard Secure Access Module Sockets (SAM), which enhanc..
Brand: Elatec Model: R-EL-T4BT-FB2BEL
The TWN4 Multitech T4DT-FB2BEL Desktop Reader has over 60 different technologies with both 125KHz and 13.56Mhz that they can read, which allows the users the ability to create a persnoalised and secure access control system. This reader contains a powerful SDK, which gives the ability to writie ap..
Brand: Elatec Model: R-EL-T4BT-FB2BEL2
The Elatec TWN4 Multitech 2 T4BT-FB2BEL2 Desktop Reader is a contactless reader/write that allows the user to have the ability to read and write to the majority of 13.56MHz tags and labels. This reader has a powerful API that allows complex applications run onto the reader directly...
Brand: Elatec Model: R-EL-T4BT-FB2BEL6
The Elatec TWN4 Multitech 2 T4BT-FB2BEL6 desktop reader has been made to be made compatible with LF and HF card technologies. Being a RFID reader of high quality, it can read both both 125KHz and 13.56 MHz frequencies and by doing so, enables it to have complete control over the cards you read and..
Brand: Elatec Model: R-EL-T4BT-FB2BEL7
The Elatec TWN4 Multitech 2 BLE T4BT-FB2BEL7 Desktop Reader has the ability to read over 60 different card technologies, which allows users to be able to creat a secure access control system for their business ,while also having an intgrated RFID (LF/HF) and bluetooth low energy (BLE)...
Brand: Elatec Model: R-EL-T4LK-FB4BLZ-PI
This Elatec Kit is an ideal all-in-one tool for on-site identification. In this kit there is a TWN4 MultiTech 2 BLE–PI desktop reader and eight transponders supporting eight different technologies, it also comes with a robust and stylish carry case. It’s plug and play feature means no additional so..
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