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06 Dec Universal Smart Cards Expands Its Material Choices for Key Cards
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In a move that is set to drive design innovation in the key card industry, Universal Smart Cards has announced an expansive new range of material choices for key cards. This expansion includes a variety of high-end and eco-friendly alternatives to the standard PVC cards, which have been a mainstay in many applications. The new materials, including ..
14 Apr 9 Benefits of Employee ID Cards in Hospitality
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Hospitality businesses have a lot to gain from implementing an employee ID card system. Creating a professional environment starts with your staff, and one way to ensure your team looks put-together is by issuing them each with an employee ID card. Here are nine benefits of having employee ID cards in the hospitality industry.A Professional ImageFi..
28 Mar How Are Smart Cards Used in the Hospitality Industry?
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A smart card can be used to store and process important data. Smart cards are often used for identification, authentication, and storing information. The hospitality industry is one sector that makes use of what smart cards can offer in a variety of ways. From hotel key cards to payment processing, smart cards provide a convenient and secure way fo..
21 Mar Complete Guide to Hotel Smart Cards
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Hotels have been using smart cards to improve the guest experience for a while now. If you've stayed in a hotel in the last few years, you've probably been given a hotel key card rather than a traditional door key. Smart cards are more convenient and offer a wider range of additional features and benefits. Hotel key cards are now an essential part ..
14 Mar How to Improve Your Hotel Services with Smart Cards
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In the hospitality industry, providing excellent customer service is essential to success. Today, there are many ways to use technology to improve the guest experience, and one of the most effective is through the use of a hotel smart card system. Smart cards can be used in a variety of ways to make hotel services more efficient and convenient for ..
03 Nov Biodegradable PVC - The Myths & Truths
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Is PVC really biodegradable? We explore the myths and the facts around this and the potential misuse of the word ‘Bio’ in our industry.GREEN, BIODEGRADABLE, CLEAN, SUSTAINABLE. These are all key phrases used by organizations to highlight their desire to be ‘greener’. Is it a fleeting trend or for the long-term, and most importantly: do companies re..
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What is a Smart Card Reader?Smart cards are a pocket-sized card that has a built-in chip. The embedded computer chip stores data and transacts data when prompted. Whether this data transaction is to gain access, confirm personal identification, or to purchase, smart cards offer complete convenience and security for the user. The smart card reader i..
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RFID technology is currently making a huge difference in the transportation sector due to its ability to support an incredibly versatile range of applications. Why is RFID being used so much in this sector in particular, and how could you make the most of it?This article will discuss the ways that RFID is being utilized right now in technology comp..
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Universal Cash is a revolutionary secure digital cash system that allows consumers to pay for items using pre-loaded value in an online or offline environment using simple mobile phones as merchant terminals.If you require anymore information, please contact us on +1 800 810 4959 or .embed-container { position: relative; ..
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Everything you need to know about new and interesting solutions to engage with your customers. For more information, call us on +1 800 810 4959 or email us at { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .em..
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