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Secure Credential Interoperability & PKOC

Secure Credential Interoperability & PKOC

What is PKOC?

PKOC (short for Public Key Open Credential), is the latest standard developed by the Public Security (PSIA) and aims to reduce the costs and issues involved with administering access control credentials. Written by the PSIA and its Secure Credential Interoperability (SCI) Working Group, PKOC is a standards-based credential that is vendor-agnostic and interoperable across multiple devices and systems, including cards, mobile devices and other devices capable of a public-private key pair.

PKOC, leveraging the concept of PKI to deliver high-end security

The PKOC specification leverages the concept of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) whilst eliminating the need for complex and costly identity infrastructure typically associated with PKI. PKOC utilizes the device itself to generate a private and public key pair, a process known as Key Generation (Keygen). This allows for the authentication of credentials through a private-public key handshake. Notably, PKOC ensures that the private key remains securely stored within the device, while the public key serves as a unique identifier, akin to a badge number, readily shareable with systems or devices managing access control. With PKOC, users directly possess their encryption keys, removing the need for intricate key management or sharing processes. Additionally, PKOC facilitates the adoption of a "Bring Your Own Credential" (BYOC) approach.

PKOC Cards Supply

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Universal Smart Cards, Trusted members of the PSIA

Universal Smart Cards are trusted members of the PSIA so are ideally placed to support the PKOC infrastructure by delivering PKOC cards and supporting these solutions.

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Want to find out more about PKOC and how it could benefit your organization? With over 20 years in the smart card industry, our team are here to answer any questions you might have, call us on 1-800-810-4959 or email today!

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