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Smart Products in the Transport Industry

Universal Smart Cards provides large volumes of Smart Cards to the transport industry. Adoption is now widespread, particularly on bus and rail ticketing, where operators issue high frequency contactless smart cards operating at 13.56Mhz that confirm to ISO14443A standard.

Universal Smart Cards predominantly provides two services. Firstly, we have a large stock of the more popular types of high frequency cards for a quick and efficient delivery. 

Secondly, we provide value-added technical services including foiling, key loading or card initialization from our technical center in Portsmouth. If you need support and advice on these types of cards, please give us a call [URL to our contact page]

Smart Card ticketing for electronic fares gives commuters convenient, affordable, and flexible travel options. It is replacing paper-based ticketing on older technology platforms like magstripe and barcode with a secure technology that reduces both ticket fraud and gives commuters a card that is easy to use with a simple tap at the barrier.

Weekly, monthly, and annual smart card tickets are quickly gaining traction that are purchased online, via ticket vending machines or at the ticket office.

Universal Smart Cards is a key supplier of Smart Card Readers recording passenger journeys, travel times, distances, frequency, types of fares and comparisons between different modes of transport. Both OEM and Finished Readers are kept in stock at our warehouse in Portsmouth.

The most successful spur for smart card adoption within the UK market was for concessionary travel for elderly and disabled residents issued by the government back in 2008. Smart Card Technology was gradually deployed throughout the UK on buses and trains underpinned by the ITSO specification. The ITSO Specification is a secure technical electronic platform on which smart ticketing schemes can be built.

On the back of this, regional schemes have quickly grown taking advantage of the smart card infrastructure in place providing convenient travel options to commuters. Nearly half of all public journeys in the UK are now paid via some form of smart card.

ITSO card supply

Universal Smart Cards have been a supplier of ITSO-compliant smart cards industry for over a decade. Universal Smart Cards has ITSO certification for the following smart card media:
- Mifare Desfire Ev1 4k (CMD7)
- Mifare Desfire Ev2 4k (CMD7)
- Mifare Desfire Ev1 8k (CMD7)
- Mifare Ultralight (CMD4)
- JTA021 (CMD2)
- Infineon SLE77 (CMD2)

For further information please click here.

If you are looking to issue ITSO Smart Cards or want to discuss any type of smart cards for the travel industry, please get in touch as we have the knowledge and expertise to help you.

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