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Foiling & Holograms

Foiling & Holograms

Foiling is a relatively low-cost way to add a metallic design feature to the card and also a robust/popular security measure. Secure foiling helps to protect cards from fraudulent reproduction and tampering by adding an element that is hard to copy.

Holograms can be seen on many items ranging from bank cards and clothing to entry visas and university certificates.

Holograms change in color and brightness in specific areas when viewed from different angles giving the impression of movement and image "flip".

Holograms are specifically designed to deter the criminal against forgery and copying but their bright and colorful look also enhances the reputation and brand value of the cards being secured.

Our foiling solutions, located at our Portsmouth Technical Centre, are able to add security and design features to your cards.  Please see the next section for the different types of foiling that we provide.

What are the foiling options that Universal Smart Cards can provide?

Simple Silver/Gold Rainbow Foil - 
normally in the form of a shape or logo. This provides a low level of security but the highly reflective rainbow foil adds more of a design feature to the card. An excellent choice for articulate marketing designs but not very secure.

Laser-etched customized foils - 
this is a highly secure tactile feature offering a unique holographic effect on the card that changes when viewed from differing viewing angles and in differing lighting conditions. Security marks can be hidden within the image that would only be known to you as a way of preventing unauthorized manufacture of the product. We can also apply images that can incorporate a logo or product specific branding. This is our most popular foil as it gives a high degree of security at a pricing point that is commercially viable to most in a choice of gold or silver. Click here to view our flyer.

3D Holograms - 
our most secure and sophisticated option uses a uniquely manufactured hologram originated and sent to us by a cryptographic house. The holograms are made up of several layers of images taken at different angles and stacked on top of one another. The image therefore appears to change when it is moved even slightly. The way the image appears on the card can make it appear as though it is raised above the plastic, giving it a look of depth.

Features of laser etched and 3D holograms include Nanotext, Multiple viewing angles, Fine line detail, Micro-text, Tamper evident, Image flips, Kinetic effects, Multiple layers, and Non-diffractive areas.

Our experts will happily talk you through the options and recommend which will work best with your design. Our foiled & hologram cards can be found all over the world being used to protect some of the most high-profile customers – just ask us for some samples or give us a call to discuss further.

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