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ACS Contactless Reader ACR1281S-C1

ACS Contactless Reader ACR1281S-C1
ACS Contactless Reader ACR1281S-C1

Introducing the ACR1281S-C1 DualBoost II; a dual interface reader compatible with any contact/contactless smart card that complies with the ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 standards.

With this device, easily integrate conventionally separate applications for contact and contactless technologies into one card and one device. The ACR1281S-C1 is ideal for online transactions, allowing you to manage payments securely using credit cards. Alternatively, it can be used for verifying contactless cards to provide access to specific areas or workstations. For cards that combine an extensive range of smart card applications, the ACR1281S-C1 is the perfect companion.

With plug and play capabilities and high-speed communication (for contactless cards at a maximum of 848 kbps,) this device is incredibly suitable for demanding applications. Finally, the ACR1281S-C1 does not require any driver installation and also features a built-in SAM slot which provides additional security during both contact and contactless applications.

Part NumberACR1281S-C1
TypeDual Interface
InterfaceUSB / CCID
Weight150 Grams
Dimensions125mm x 72mm x 20.4mm
10+ $57.81
50+ $57.81
100+ $47.23
500+ $37.38
  • Model: R-ACS-ACR1281S-C1
  • Dimensions: 125.00mm x 72.00mm x 20.40mm
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