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Infineon Secora™ ID / Oracle Java™

Infineon supports two Java Card platforms in this market:

1/ Traditional support for Oracle’s Java Card Edition 2 

2/ Launch of Infineon’s Secora ID platform

Oracle Java Card

The combination of Infineon‘s SLE 78 with Integrity Guard, industry’s most advanced security controller, with Oracle’s latest Java Card Edition 2 implementation offers the ultimate open platform for eGoverment and enterprise applications. This Java Card platform enables designers, manufacturers, and other stakeholders to easily introduce tailored applications without compromising on security. It facilitates the implementation of multiple applications such as ePassport, eSignature or eHealth on a single card.

If you are looking for a tool to help easily develop your own Java Card applet on this Oracle platform, then please see the link here. Universal Smart Cards, in conjunction with Infineon, offers an application development kit that allows you to develop, integrate, test and customize Java Card™ applications quickly and effectively.


SECORA™ ID solution is Infineon’s new ready-to-go Java Card™ solution optimized for all electronic identification (eID) applications. Clients can accelerate their time-to-market through ready-to-use applets supporting rapid project migration.

Main features of Secora ID:

  • Dynamic Java Card™ open platform for electronic document use cases. Change by Infineon to directly support chip, software and packaging options.
  • Off-the-shelf CC-certified chip plus CC EAL 6+ certified Java Card™ OS with CC EAL 5+ certified applet collection from Infineon cryptovision GmbH and Masktech GmbH
  • Coil on Module packaging still supported for dual interface and contactless applications
  • All-in-one toolset for applet development and personalization
  • Customer applet development tools based on Eclipse
  • Infineon’s SOLID FLASH™ technology for faster personalization performance
  • Based on sophisticated SLC52G real 16-bit platform. 

Please refer to the below table we have formulated for further information on both options.

Universal Smart Cards keep sample cards on stock to help with proof-of-concept deployments and pilots.

In addition to white cards, we offer full scale pre-printing services, personalisation, app loading and numbering from our technical centre in Portsmouth.

If you cannot see something you require, please let us find it for you. Please do give us a call to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Secora™ ID/Oracle Java Card Product Guide

Product VersionOracleSecora ID
Product Names(SLJ52GDL128CR)
Java Card Version3.0.1

Global Platform


Max Memory

Extended APDU SupportYY
RSA1204 - 2048
1204 - 2048
EC112 - 521
112 - 521
TDES56, 112, 168
56, 112, 168
AES128, 192 & 256
128, 192 & 256
Mac/HashMAC, MAC4, MAC8, MD5, RIPEMD, SHA, SHA224, SHA254, SHA384, SHA512
SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, CRC16
Certification HW, SWEAL6+, EAL5+

Contact, Contactless, Dual Interface

(Bonded Module)


(Bonded Module)

Further Information

Oracle’s Java Card™ operating system on Infineon’s SLE 78 

SECORA™ ID security solutions

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