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Magicard Printers & Ribbons

Magicard are a large UK based manufacturer offering both Direct-To-Card and Retransfer card printers to the market. Models include the Magicard 300, 600, Prima, Pronto and Ultima.

Please browse their full selection of Magicard Printers and Ribbons below. There is the option to easily add accessories such as contact smart card, contactless smart card, and magstripe encoders in the product record.

If you need help with configuration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Brand: Magicard Model: PR-MG-MA1000K-Silver
The Magicard MA1000K silver ribbon delivers up to 1000 premium silver monochrome prints per roll. With its silver resin panel, this ribbon is the ideal choice for organizations looking to print high quality one color images, line art and text on professional yet affordable cards. The Magicard MA1000..
Brand: Magicard Model: PR-MG-MA1000K-White
Also known as MA1000K-White, the Magicard MA1000K White Monochrome Printer Ribbon delivers an outstanding 1000 prints per roll. These ribbons are the ideal solution for adding high-quality, contrasting prints to dark colored cards whilst also allowing you to print seamless text and line art. These M..
Brand: Magicard Model: PR-MG-MA100YMCKO
A perfect choice for organizations looking to print ID high-quality cards in small batches, the Magicard MA100YMCKO color Ribbon delivers up to 100 vibrant single-sided prints. This 5 panel ribbon features 3 color panels of yellow, magenta and cyan which produce photo-like images in full color, a bl..
Brand: Magicard Model: PR-MG-MA250YMCKOK
Also known as the EN8 ribbon, the best selling Magicard MA250YMCKOK color ribbon delivers up to 250 full-color single-sided cards or 125 dual-sided cards. With premium print quality, this 6 panel ribbon can cater to all your card printing requirements. The Magicard MA250YMCKOK features 3 color panel..
Brand: Magicard Model: PR-MG-MA300YMCKO
Also known as the EN1 ribbon, the Magicard MA300YMCKO color Ribbon delivers up to 300 premium prints per roll. This 5-panel ribbon allows you to print vivid colors, photos like images and seamless text while also featuring an overlay panel that adds a clear layer of additional protection to your car..
Brand: Magicard Model: PR-MG-MA450YMCKO
The Magicard MA450YMCKO Half-Panel color Printer Ribbon is the ideal economical solution for printing photo-like images on one half of your card. Meanwhile, the full-size black resin panel produces accurate text, line art and barcodes on any other part of the card. Also, one of the Magicard MA450YMC..
Brand: Magicard Model: PR-MG-MA50YMCKO
For those new to ID card printing, the Magicard MA50YMCKO starter ribbon is the ideal solution. Producing only 50 prints per roll, this ribbon is perfect for new starters who may only be test printing. This 5-panel ribbon features three color panels of yellow, magenta and cyan which produce photo-li..
Brand: Magicard Model: PR-MG-MA600KO
Also known as EN6, the Magicard MA600KO black ribbon guarantees 600 crisp black, high-quality prints per roll. The monochrome resin panel enables you to print accurate text, line art and barcodes whilst the overlay panel adds an extra layer protection to your cards, increasing their durability and l..
Brand: Magicard Model: PR-MG-MB200YMCKO/3
The Magicard MB200YMCKO Printer Ribbon delivers up to 200 high-quality prints per roll. This premium dye is capable of creating everything from vibrant photo-resolution images to accurate monochrome text, line art and barcodes. The Magicard MB200YMCKO ribbon also features an overlay panel, providing..
Brand: Magicard Model: PR-MG-MB250YMCKOK
For companies and organizations looking to print outstanding photo-like images on durable cards with a prolonged lifespan, the Magicard MB250YMCKOK is the perfect solution. Featuring a transparent overlay to prevent everyday wear and tear, this ribbon is capable of producing up to to 250 long-lastin..
Brand: Magicard Model: PR-MG-MB300YMCKO
The Magicard MB300YMCKO Printer Ribbon offers up to 300 full-color prints per roll. With premium print quality, this ribbon is capable of fulfilling all card printing requirements. It features 3 color panels: yellow, magenta and cyan, allowing you to create full color photo-like images, a black pane..
Brand: Magicard Model: PR-MG-MB600KO
Designed to work alongside the Magicard 600 ID Card Printer, the Magicard MB600KO black monochrome ribbon produces up to 600 high-quality prints per roll. This ribbon features a monochrome resin panel which enables you to print accurate text, line art and barcodes. The MB600KO ribbon also produces a..
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