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Identiv uTrust 2700 R Contact Smart Card Reader

Identiv uTrust 2700 R Contact Smart Card Reader
Identiv uTrust 2700 R Contact Smart Card Reader

Identiv’s uTrust 2700 R is a versatile PC-linked USB contact smart card reader ideal for a diverse variety of secure applications. Compliant with all major industry standards including ISO/IEC 7816, USB CCID, PC/SC and Microsoft WHQL; uTrust 2700 F is compatible with the majority of all contact smart cards and PC operating systems. Full support and compliance to EMV 2011 expand daily use to specific applications requiring additional security and data protection.

The Identiv uTrust 2700 R device offers a convenient combination of modern design, ergonomic handling and a compact footprint. For ease-of-use, the Identiv-specific SmartOS™ also features complete support of all major contact smart cards.

For maximum end-user convenience, this device allows you to benefit from shorter transaction-times with transmission rates of 600 kbps with the support of TA1=97.

With the Identiv uTrust 2700 R, you can also take advantage of enhanced security and reliability for applications such as network log-in, Windows authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO), banking and cashless payment applications and high-security use cases for federal governments.

For more information on the Identiv uTrust 2700 R reader, please contact us for further assistance or consult the product datasheet.

Part Number905369-1
Weight250 Grams
Dimensions70mm x 63mm x 16mm
10+ $10.38
50+ $10.38
100+ $10.38
500+ $10.38
  • Model: R-IE-905369-1
  • Dimensions: 70.00mm x 63.00mm x 16.00mm
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