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Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Cards are back on the rise

Do rewards really create customer loyalty? After receiving some negative press, loyalty programs are once again on the rise. Moving away from cheap promotional devices, short term fads, and creating actual ‘value‘ rather than just ‘cost’, organisations are implementing effective reward programs. Technology is now having a big influence on consumers and their favourite brands. Users want hassle-free, out of the box convenient loyalty solutions that can be supported by easy to use cards such as Contactless or Near-Field Communications (NFC) technologies.

Are you looking for a branded loyalty card?

Loyalty cards are the classic way to promote your brand and drive consumer engagement. Universal Smart Cards has supplied millions of cards into this market for nearly twenty years. We can offer a wide range of card services from concept design right through to final manufacture.

Customer Quotes:

"We have been purchasing printed loyalty and gift cards from Universal for a few years and always receive a fantastic service. The cards look great and the turnaround time is very good!"

"We often have very specific requests regarding numbering and colours and this has never been an issue, which is very refreshing, as we know that our customers will receive cards that look great, meaning that they will come back for more."

"The account manager, the lovely Joanna Smith, is always helpful and keeps us updated on delivery times etc. She is amazingly organised, which means we know we can relax and just wait for the cards to arrive."

"The whole service is great from start to finish”

We can support existing card technologies such as magnetic stripe or barcode or look at newer and emerging smart card technologies. We can advise on secure and convenient platforms like Contactless Smart Cards and how this can also work with Near-Field Communications (NFC) and NFC/mobile devices.

Alternatively, for client-server applications where you just need a card to act as a simple identifier, Universal Smart Cards offers a full line-up of memory cards, magnetic stripe cards or a simple barcode. Each of our customers has their own dedicated account manager taking you through the process from initial concept to a finished card or wearable.

If you are looking to develop a branded card or wearable or want to learn more about how the card technology can work for you, please give us a call.

Our team have a wealth of experience in the types of smart card technologies available to help future proof a scheme.

Services that Universal Smart Cards can offer

We offer a range of print techniques including offset (CMYK) and silkscreen, matt and gloss finishes, pearlescent and metallics that create a bank card quality finish and enhance brand commitment.

Our technical centre can also help with key initialisation, full personalisation and fulfilment. As an ISO 9001 accredited company, all areas of our operation adhere to high-quality standards assuring our clients of high-quality cards that are built to last.

Choice of loyalty credential available

Universal Smart Cards can also supply a range of smart objects such as key-fobs or tags for customers that do not want to carry a standard ISO-sized card.

These compact alternatives to a card can be attached to a keyring, kept in a wallet or even behind a mobile phone case.

Fobs can be integrated with payment if required; please refer to our payment in wearables section for more information

Do you want to implement a Loyalty Solution?

We have strong links with partners that can offer fully integrated loyalty card solutions as well as specialist consultants who are on hand to tailor specific programmes. Partners of ours will have expertise in different vertical markets ranging from car dealership programs and retail outlets to small businesses and concessions.
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