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Asset Tracking

Portal_Inbound_Wide (1280x803)Asset tracking refers to the method of tracking your physical assets by scanning an RFID, GPS or UHF tag which identifies their location.

For example, there are multiple ways to track your assets in a warehouse environment. To track individual items, high frequency tags (13.56mHz) are most commonly used to book goods in and out of a warehouse, in a similar way to how a barcode would be scanned. However, for a large number of items, UHF (Ultra high Frequency) tags can be used; readers are positioned in and around the warehouse to pick up the information from items going in and out, in turn providing you with a live stock take.

During the manufacturing process of a product, you have the opportunity to tag different components and are given the ability to see the status of each component throughout the course of the production phase, allowing you to monitor each step. At the end of the production cycle, the tags allow you to receive a full audit trail of who did what and when; this allows you to observe the time spent during each step of the manufacturing process.

Asset tracking is not limited to manufacturing; it can be used in retail stores, educational environments and healthcare organizations, as a few examples.

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