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NXP HITAG 1 White Crystal Bulb Keyfobs

NXP HITAG 1 White Crystal Bulb Keyfobs
NXP HITAG 1 White Crystal Bulb Keyfobs

These HITAG 1 Crystal Bulb Keyfobs are a robust, low-cost solution for customers wanting to get away from standard ISO-sized cards. The fobs measure 32 x 38mm with the epoxy crystal providing transparent protection along all sides of the product significantly increasing their durability in the field. Since the surface layer is manufactured with imported crystal epoxy, they are also completely waterproof, dustproof, and contain no air bubbles inside. The fob has a 5mm hole so they can be easily threaded to a keyring.

Their personalization or customisation is the best in class as Universal Smart Cards can pre-print the entire PVC insert (contained inside the Epoxy Crystal) with a full/single color logo, name, chip UID, any encoded data etc before final manufacture.

HITAG 1 supports the low-frequency (LF) RFID market and delivers a reliable, robust performance, and safe data transmission. Operating at a frequency range of 100 to 150 kHz, they operate well in harsh environments. HITAG1 provide 2048 bits (256 bytes) of EEPROM partitioned in 32-bit pages. An area of 1536 bits (192 bytes) is open for general user data.

Key Features of Hitag1:

  • Identification transponder for use in contactless applications
  • Operating frequency 125 kHz
  • Data transmission and energy supply via RF link, no internal battery
  • Non-volatile memory of 2 kbit
  • Organized in 64 pages, 4 bytes each
  • 10 years non-volatile data retention
  • 100000 erase/write cycles
  • Selective read/write protection of memory content
  • Mutual authentication function

Optional Extras*:

  • Full color Logo can be printed on the face – only 3-5 days
  • Printing of the chip number on the face – only 3-5 days
  • fulfillment & packaging options available

    If you need more information on the HITAG 1 Crystal Bulb Keyfobs, please see the attached datasheet or contact a member of our sales team.

Form FactorKeyfob
Silicon ManufacturerNXP
Manufacturer Part NumberF-H001-PAO-WH
Memory Size256 byte
Operating Frequency125KHz
ISO StandardProprietary (None)
Weight8.9 Grams
Dimensions32mm x 38mm x 5mm
100+ $7.64
500+ $7.06
1000+ $3.02
5000+ $2.92
10000+ $2.41
25000+ $2.37
  • Model: F-H001-PAO-WH
  • Dimensions: 32.00mm x 38.00mm x 5.00mm
This product has a minimum quantity of 100
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