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HID® Crescendo® C1150 Smart Card

HID® Crescendo® C1150 Smart Card
HID® Crescendo® C1150 Smart Card

The Crescendo® C1150 Smart Card from HID Global offers out of the box, standards compliant support for network and computer access (such as log in to computers and laptops or web-based applications requiring cryptographically protected operation). It is typically used for employee ID badges and provides a cost effective solution that eliminates the need for users to remember multiple passwords and PINs and carry multiple credentials. This card features only a PKI chip however the C1150 is available with a variety of different RFID interfaces that cover the majority of physical access solutions. The C1150 smart card is a great solution for organizations that do not use a card management system and comes pre-loaded with an electrical profile ready to use with Microsoft based applications and HID's 4TRESS_x008d_® and ActivClient®.

Please contact us to diskuss your exact requirements. 

  • Model: C-HD-4011500
  • Dimensions: 86.00mm x 54.00mm x 0.00mm
This product has a minimum quantity of 100
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