RFID technology is currently making a huge difference in the transportation sector due to its ability to support an incredibly versatile range of applications. Why is RFID being used so much in this sector in particular, and how could you make the most of it?

This article will discuss the ways that RFID is being utilized right now in technology companies around the world! First off, let’s have a closer look at what RFID technology is.


Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that enables data to be transmitted securely at very fast speeds. It also doesn’t require a line of sight like barcodes do, which means that it is more user-friendly and able to be used in a wide variety of settings.

Data relating to an object is stored on an RFID tag which can be added to an item. The tag carries this data in a small but powerful chip and operates in a variety of radio frequencies. An RFID reader is used in conjunction with the chip in orde­r to transmit the data securely and in that way, you can rely on the safe communication of information across your business! Businesses across the world use this technology, but how about the transportation sector in particular?


One common reason you’ll find businesses using RFID is to make labour-intensive tasks automated, saving them money on wages and staffing requirements whilst also making all of their practices more streamlined. It’s also a very popular way to gain a better insight into the status of tasks, for example seeing where stock is or who is on a site at any given time.  Now we have a better understanding of RFID technology and the reason for its use, let’s take a closer look at the uses of RFID that can be seen right now in the field!

Automated Ticketing for Public Transport

This clever use of RFID is not only great for speeding up the process of issuing tickets for the transport company themselves, but it also benefits their consumers. How so? As we discussed before, RFID technology doesn’t require a line of sight to be used and so it is extremely versatile and quick to use. This helps to reduce queuing times and human errors which in turn will maximize customer satisfaction!

RFID tags on vehicles

This method is often used to track when vehicles arrive back at the depot, this then accurately keeps a record of the available vehicles at any given time! Other applications include vehicle identification when arriving at a site. These two ways of using RFID greatly contribute to faster business processes, planning and in turn the overall success of the whole transportation company.

Hiring Equipment

If your company offers equipment hire to customers, equipping the assets with RFID tags can help to reduce the possibility of losses and theft. Tagging the equipment and having them actively scanned along their journey will help you to keep full control of things like the location and use times.

Shipping Containment Tracking 

Perhaps one of the most common uses of RFID technology is to track shipping containers as they move along the shipping process. A container can be scanned at the port and then again once it arrives at the right destination, giving a live feed of where the container is up to in its journey. This gives you more control and a more detailed view of your assets!

We’ve briefly discussed four applications for RFID technology in the transportation sector and the benefits that they can offer, but there are so many more! Upgrading your existing processes will be beneficial not only for speeding up your existing business processes but also for your staff and making your business more accessible for consumers!

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