On June 25th, 2019 HID Global® announced they have added FIDO2 authentication to their Cresendo® chip cards and keys, with the introduction of the Cresendo® C2300, allowing them to support the FIDO Alliance industry initiative focused on standards-based “password-less” sign-in.

“The Crescendo 2300 Series smart cards and Crescendo Key Series are part of HID’s high assurance solution that delivers end-to-end lifecycle management of strong authentication credentials as well as globally trusted digital certificates for email and document signing and encryption,” said Brad Jarvis, Vice President & Managing Director of Identity & Access Management Solutions (IAMS) with HID Global. “Customers now have two form factor options for use with our unified cloud and on-premises authentication and management system.  There is more to come as we work with Microsoft and other industry players to improve how secure credentials are used in a way that emphasizes convenience and privacy.”
HID Global has expanded the Crescendo® range to deliver a reliable set of capabilities, regardless of form factor, through is authentication platform for HID Hardware Authenticators. The Keys use NFC (Near Field Communications) and USB-A and C ports to deliver the same capabilities as the cards.

The cards and keys also:

  • Provide multi-protocol support for public key infrastructure (PKI) digital certificates, Personal Identity Verification (PIV) digital signature and encryption, the Open Authentication (OATH) open reference architecture, and the emerging Fast Identity Online (FIDO) industry-standard -- the backbone of Microsoft’s Windows Hello Security Key for protecting access to Windows and Azure Active Directory.
  • Future-proof compliance with widely used finance and healthcare privacy and security regulations by leveraging native platform support for strong authentication options using emerging and broadly adopted industry standards.
  • Align with NIST SP800-63 Digital Identity Guidelines for achieving Authenticator Assurance Level 3.

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