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HID® Crescendo® C1150 with iCLASS & Prox

HID® Crescendo® C1150 with iCLASS & Prox
HID® Crescendo® C1150 with iCLASS & Prox

"The Crescendo C1150 with iClass + Prox Smart Card for strong authentication and physical access control from HID provides a muti-application and multi-technology platform that is created to suit the needs of corporate and government deployments. This card offers a C1150 contact PKI chip, 32K bit iClass contactless and proximity (HID or Indala), however the C1150 is also available with a range of different RFID interfaces meaning it can accommodate the majority of physical access requirements and ensuring maximum interoperability with current and future deployments.

The C1150 provides out of the box, standards-compliant support for network and computer access (such as log in to computers and laptops or web based applications requiring cryptographically protected operation). It is a cost effective solution and abolishes the need for users to carry multiple credentials and remember multiple PIN’s and password.

This card is an ideal solution for organizations not yet using card management systems (CMS) and is pre-loaded with an electrical profile ready to use with Microsoft-based applications as well as HID’s Actividentity Activclient® and 4TRESS®."

  • Model: C-HD-401150A
  • Dimensions: 86.00mm x 54.00mm x 0.00mm
This product has a minimum quantity of 100
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