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NXP HITAG S2048, White ISO-Sized PVC Card, Gloss Finish

NXP HITAG S2048, White ISO-Sized PVC Card, Gloss Finish
NXP HITAG S2048, White ISO-Sized PVC Card, Gloss Finish

These HITAG S2048 PVC Cards contain a high-grade PVC with a high-quality gloss finish to give the best results with post-graphical personalization.
With the new HITAG S family, NXP has extended the HITAG platform with the next generation of IC’s that are substantially smaller in size, lower in cost, quicker speed, better distance but still being operated with the same reader infrastructure and transponder manufacturing equipment.

The protocol and command structure for HITAG S is based on HITAG 1, including anticollision algorithm.
There are two memory sizes available (operating using the same protocol) - this is the larger memory size with S2048: 2048-bit Total Memory Read/Write.
Target applications include animal identification, laundry automation, logistics and tracking, access control and brand protection.

Features of HITAG S2048

  • Frequency range 100 kHz to 150 kHz.
  • Modulation Read/Write Device → Transponder: 100 % ASK and Binary Pulse Length Coding
  • Modulation Transponder → Read/Write Device: Strong ASK modulation with Anticollision, Manchester and Bi-phase Coding
  • Fast Anticollision Protocol for inventory tracking: 100 Tags in 3.2 seconds
  • 2048-bit memory, up to 100,000 erase/write cycles, 10 years non-volatile data retention
  • Full compliant to ISO 11784/85 Animal ID
  • ISO 14223 (Animal ID with anticollision and read/write functionality)
  • ISO 18000-2 (AIDC Techniques-RFID or Item Management)
  • Supports German Waste Management Standard and Pigeon Race Standard
  • 32 bit Unique Identification Number (UID)
  • 48 bit secret key based encrypted authentication

Optional Extras:

  • Full color Card Printing, offset and silkscreen printing
  • Chip Encoding/Numbering in only 3-5 days from out Technical center in Portsmouth
  • fulfillment & packaging options available
  • Security features such as foiling, microtext, UV and other.

If you need more information, please see the attached datasheet or contact a member of our sales team.

Form FactorCards
Silicon ManufacturerNXP
Operating Frequency125kHz Low Frequency
ISO StandardISO/IEC 11784/785, ISO 14223
Weight6 Grams
Dimensions86mm x 54mm x 0.8mm
100+ $3.87
500+ $2.50
1000+ $0.87
5000+ $0.81
10000+ $0.66
25000+ $0.65
  • Model: C-H004-PID
  • Dimensions: 86.00mm x 54.00mm x 0.80mm
This product has a minimum quantity of 100
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