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HID® FARGO® 84515 YMCKI Ribbon

HID® FARGO® 84515 YMCKI Ribbon
HID® FARGO® 84515 YMCKI Ribbon

For high-quality monochrome and full-color printing, the HID® Fargo® 84515 YMCKI color ribbon produces outstanding results with every print. This five-panel ribbon consists of YMC panels which enable you to create photo-resolution images and a black resin panel for the printing of detailed text and barcodes. This HID® Fargo® 84515 ribbon also comes with the added benefit of an inhibitor panel which is designed for use with the card's that feature areas you don't want the film to adhere to i.e signature panels, magstripes and foils.

- 500 prints per rolls

- YMCKI ribbon (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black and Inhibitor panels)

- Compatible with: Fargo HDP5600 card printer

Ribbon ColourYMCKI
Ribbon TypeFull Colour
Supported PrintersFargo HDP5600 card printer
10+ $190.17
50+ $188.35
100+ $186.56
  • Model: PR-FG-84515
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