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Magicard E9887 Cleaning Kit

Magicard E9887 Cleaning Kit
Magicard E9887 Cleaning Kit

The Magicard E9887 cleaning kit features ten cleaning pads and ten cleaning cards for the effective removal of all dust, debris and potentially harmful oils from your Magicard printer and printhead. Routine use of this kit helps to ensure high-quality results from your first print to your last whilst also extending the longevity of your plastic card printer.

- Includes: 10 cleaning pads and 10 cleaning cards

- Compatible with: Magicard Prima 4, Helix and Ultima card printers

Cleaner TypePads and Cards
Supported PrintersMagicard Ultima, Helix and Prima 4 card printers
10+ $35.71
50+ $35.04
100+ $34.38
  • Model: PR-MAG-HELIX-E9887
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