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Brand: Zebra Model: PR-ZE-800012-601
To seamlessly seal and secure your printed ID cards the Zebra 800012-601 clear retransfer film is the perfect solution. To create cards with impressive durability whilst also significantly protecting them from general abrasions, a reverse image is printed directly onto a high-quality film before bei..
Brand: Zebra Model: PR-ZE-800012-445
With true edge-to-edge printing and outstanding image quality, the Zebra 800012-445 YMCK color ribbon offers the highest quality when it comes to printed ID Cards. Produce up to 625 full-color prints per roll using premium full-color dyes and a monochrome black resin panel for the printing of seamle..
Brand: Zebra Model: PR-ZE-800012-480
Designed to work alongside the Zebra ZXP Series 8 and 9 card printers, the Zebra 800012-480 YMCKK color ribbon produces outstanding ID cards with every print. This ribbon delivers up to 500 prints per roll and is paired with the Zebra Series 8 retransfer film for optimal performance. Create photo-re..
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