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Security Update: Are your hotel key cards outdated?

This entry was posted on 20th June 2019.

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There are still huge numbers of hotels using Magstripe technology for guests’ access to rooms, leisure facilities, and even restricted areas. But are you aware this technology is now outdated and our experts no longer consider it secure?

As chip card specialist, the main priority we have for our customers is security – we want to help ensure you that your hotel and facilities are well protected against unauthorized access and theft. So, that’s why we like to keep you up to date with the latest on how secure technologies in the market place are.

Why are magstripe cards no longer secure?

As magstripe technology has existed for so many years, the security is weak when compared with today’s modern technologies and cards can easily be copied by fraudsters and thieves. Because this is so easy to do, with readily made cloning tools available online, our experts no longer consider this technology secure.

How do you know if your cards use magstripe technology?

Magstripe cards are easy to identify, they have a black magnetic strip running along the edge of the card and when used they have to be physically swiped down a reader for the user to gain entry.


If you are still using magstripe technology, it’s important that you get in touch to discuss moving away from this outdated technology. Our experts are here to advise you on the cards that you need to do this, and we have ultra-secure contactless cards that not only offer massively improved security when compared with magstripe cards but offer a great customer experience too!

Get in touch today and upgrade your hotel key cards, keeping staff and guests safe and sound!

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