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Product Personalization

Product Personalization


Whilst many cards can be issued in their generic state, a lot of solutions require personalized product for identification and/or authentication. There are two main categories, namely: Physical personalization and Logical personalization.

Physical Personalisation

This can take many forms including printing of standard text, barcode, QR code, photographs, logos, numbering. We are not limited to just printing on ISO-size cards, we're also able to work with larger card formats, keyfobs, adhesive lablels, stickers, wristbands and many other smart objects or wearables.

Logical Personalization

This is encoding data to specialized machine readable areas of a smart card.

This is encoding (not adding) data to specialized machine readable areas of a smart card. This could be a magnetic stripe or the chip/IC itself. Chip encoding can be in the form of contact-only chips, contactless RFID chips and Dual-Interface cards that are embedded in the plastic. Some of these data storage devices have standards that define the location and type of data, others just have standards that define the communications method but the memory use and data types need to be defined by the application/solution.

At Universal Smart Cards we have the in-house capability to handle all areas of both Physical and Logical Personalisation. 


We personalize millions of cards each year from our technical center in Portsmouth. We have the machines and equipment to apply numbering, print color photographic images, encode data to magnetic stripes, encode data to both chip cards and contactless RFID card, apply holograms and holographic foils including signature panels, barcodes and QR-codes.

Our systems include the following technologies:

- Drop-On-Demand
- Direct-To-Card Thermal
- Direct-To-Card Dye Sublimation
- Re-Transfer Dye Sublimation
- UV Inkjet
- Digital Printing
- Holographic Foiling

Our team of experienced staff ensure every card is quality checked, packaged and labeled correctly to meet the highest standards. They are supported by our in-house technicians that keep our downtime to a minimum and our throughput as high as possible.

Our fulfillment and mailing service can also send your products directly to your clients by Royal Mail or UPS courier. For some customers the complexities of ordering, packaging and shipping goods seem daunting. Universal Smart Cards therefore offers a full outsourced service including a white label website that is fully interfaced into our warehouse logistics. Just give us a call if you need to discuss further..

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