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HID® FARGO® 45000 YMCKO Ribbon

HID® FARGO® 45000 YMCKO Ribbon
HID® FARGO® 45000 YMCKO Ribbon

The HID® Fargo® 44500 YMCKO Ribbon is a practical and convenient solution for standard photo ID card printing. This 5-panel ribbon with a built-in cleaning roller is guaranteed to deliver high-quality plastic cards and offers up to 250 impressive prints per roll. With three color panels: yellow, cyan and magenta, this YMCKO ribbon enables you to create vibrant ID cards in full color with photo-like imagery. The HID® Fargo® 44500 YMCKO Ribbon also features a black resin panel for the printing of detailed text and barcodes and a transparent overlay panel which guards against fading and daily wear and tear.

- 250 full-color prints per roll

- YMCKO ribbon (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black and Overlay panels)

- Compatible with: Fargo DTC1000 and DTC1250e.

- With built-in cleaning roller

Ribbon ColourYMCKO
Ribbon TypeFull Colour
Supported PrintersFargo DTC1000 card printer Fargo DTC1250e card printer
10+ $43.53
50+ $42.82
100+ $42.13
  • Model: PR-FG-45000
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