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NTAG® 213 Cards

The NTAG card range consist of NTAG 213, NTAG 215, NTAG 216, NTAG 413 DNA and NTAG 424 DNA. NTAG products are fully compatible for NFC applications with tag types 2 and 4.  NTAG IC's store NDEF (NFC data exchange format) data and please contact us if you need help with personalization at our technical center.

NTAG can seamlessly work with NFC readers, as well as being compatible with all NFC-enabled phones conforming to the ISO/14443 standard with multiple memory options from 144-1904 bytes.

All our cards are manufactured with a high grade PVC to enable easy personalization using a standard card printer.

Please contact is if you need the NTAG cards printed with your bespoke design or need any form of personalization.

Model: C-N213-PAO
These NTAG 213 PVC ISO-Sized Cards have a high-quality PVC core and overlay giving the very best results when personalizing a card with a standard card printer. They come in a gloss finish to further help with personalization. All cards are quality checked in each stage; materials, specifications, c..
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