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5 Reasons to Implement Wristbands into Educational Establishments

This entry was posted on 16th August 2019.

canteensmallSmart technology is becoming more and more popular in a variety of industries, one being education. Smart cards are already being used for easier and more convenient ways to improve user experience and safety in educational establishments worldwide, but did you know you can use wristbands in exactly the same way for even more convenience? Let’s check out some of the great uses for RFID wristbands below…

Door Access

An RFID wristband can be programmed to allow the user access to certain areas of the building. This means it's easy to divide staff and students, and efficiently provide them access only to areas that they need to be in. This will help to improve overall security by preventing unauthorized access to any areas dealing with sensitive information, storerooms, and records, etc. An RFID wristband can also take the place of regular keys for colleges or universities that have on-site dormitories, helping to prevent unauthorized access.

The major benefit of wristbands is that they are much lighter and more convenient to wear than regular keys and even smart cards, which should in theory help reduce instances of them becoming lost, damaged, or stolen. If they are, then it's fairly easy to replace them.


Particularly in colleges and universities, parking can become an issue. Deploying RFID wristbands means that your car park area is accessible only to students and staff members rather than the general public. It can also help prevent students from parking in spaces reserved for staff, which will help to prevent instances of the car park becoming too overcrowded. Wristbands are a great alternative to cards here, if the students and staff were them daily for other applications such as door access, then they are much less likely to forget or misplace them and will always have access to the car park when required.

Cafeteria access and cashless payments

Wristbands can be implemented for both staff and students to use in the cafeteria. A wristband can be topped up and then used in place of money to pay for meals, which makes the cafeteria more efficient and means that there's no longer any need to handle cash and coins. A wristband is also a great way of making sure that the cafeteria is only used by those it's intended for, i.e. staff and students. When worn on the wrist staff members can easily identify those not wearing a wristband and query whether they should have access to the cafeteria, or, in fact, any other area of the building.

Personal Information

Wristbands can also carry essential data about the person who holds the card. This can be in the form of home contact details, next of kin, as well as any important medical information that should be known. As people don't often carry proper paperwork with this information, wristbands become highly valuable if there is ever an accident or the family of the holder needs to be contacted. Unlike smart cards that may be held in a wallet or pocket and difficult to find a staff member can easily access the wristband and scan it with a portable reader, to quickly access this information!

School Trips

When taking your students on a school trip (especially those at younger ages) they can wear the same wristband used in your establishment, allowing them to be easily identified whilst in public places. You can also use a wristband to ensure that students are in attendance and aren’t left behind. An example of this would be scanning each student’s wristband as they enter a building or get on and off a coach.

In addition, to this wristbands can be branded to promote your school, college or university whilst students are on trips and traveling to and from their place of education!

In Conclusion

There are many ways that educational establishments of all sizes can employ RFID wristbands for the benefit of both staff and students. With smart wristbands becoming more efficient, more affordable, and able to store more data than ever, there has never been a better time to enjoy the benefits of their highly versatile application.

If you need any further information on how you can implement wristbands into your establishment, then don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts today!

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