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Social Media

Social Media LogoAs everyone now knows social media plays an integral part of many organizations marketing activities.

Encouraging customer engagement and interaction through social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is a very effective marketing tool for promoting products and services to a wider audience.

Facebook alone has over 800 million active users, each communicating, interacting and influencing brands via the web and driving traffic to company websites; let us help you, use this to your advantage!

We utilize RFID technology to enable your customers to link their social media identity to a promotional item such as a wristband or key fob. For example, by linking a concert goer's RFID wristband, pass or fob with their online profile, organizers and brands can promote their event extensively, potentially bringing new revenue streams as well as making real time promotions possible before, during and even after an event.

By swiping against a “like” station, tapping a reader or entering a read zone, we program the promotional product to update your customer’s social media account with an automatic “post,” “check in,” “follow” or “like,” plus more (such as instantly posting photos.)

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