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Payment in Anything

Contactless payment has become the most common way for many people to conveniently pay for low-value purchases. This technology is still rapidly growing, from low-cost wristbands for events, to high-value fashion accessories that are now offering payment.

Convenience and Safety

Imagine attending a crowded venue and shutterstock_572586475-smallbeing able to leave your purse or wallet at home and making purchases with a wearable including on transport on the way there! How easy would that be? Consumers are now looking for the ease and convenience of paying using something they are wearing, giving organizations and wearable manufacturers an ideal way to promote their products and brand as innovative and creating a USP for their items. It gives users the convenience of being able to pay quickly using contactless even when they don’t have their cards with them. In addition to the added convenience this gives consumers, it also enhances the security, not only at large events but in everyday shopping. It reduces the chances of users losing cash or cards and having them stolen, after all its far more noticeable having someone steal something you are wearing, as appose to them simply taking something from your bag or pickpocketing you!

Enabling devices for payments

Universal Smart Cards can supply a range of payment-capable devices including; wristbands, fobs and embeddable tags. Using our provisioning service from DIGISEQ means we can carry out the complex and specialized tasks and involve the relevant players in the payments ecosystem to deliver ready to go, fully certified devices. In addition to the supply of payment-capable devices we can also work with you to embed a payment chip into any item!

Enabling wearables to be used for payments is a particular challenge, this is due to the complex ecosystem which is difficult to enter. Provisioning payments products is often costly, time-consuming and requires specialist expertise and knowledge. For example, the payments industry has exacting security requirements. Typically, this will involve needing to embed a “security element” into the wearable onto which sensitive payment data and payment logic is provisioned. This process is complex and specialized and may require commercial relationships with particular industry players. Furthermore, to meet card scheme and regulatory requirements it will be necessary to involve a licensed financial institution. By working with our partner DIGISEQ, Universal overcome these challenges to provide a complete service to you, allowing you to enable payment on any item.

Introducing DIGISEQ

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 10.57.23DIGISEQ was formed by a group of seasoned payments professionals to make deploying wearables easy and to take care of the complex aspects of payment. They provide technology and services that will enable organizations with no background in payments or smart card provisioning to leverage wearable technology quickly and at a low cost DIGISEQ’s services have also been designed from the ground up to be both flexible and scalable, supporting multiple wearable deployment approaches.




Ideal For

  • Events
  • Concerts & festivals
  • Tour Operators
  • Product Manufacturers
  • Transport
  • Marketing

Whether it’s a low-cost payment wristband for a festival, a durable silicone wristband for a university or college campus or enabling high fashion items for payment, we can help you!


  • Wearable design and manufacture
  • Payment Certification
  • Account Provisioning
  • Account Management
  • White Label Device Management App

If you would like more information on how we can help you with contactless payment in wearables or other items please contact us and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.