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nfcNear Field Communication (NFC) allows devices to transfer data at a close range, typically requiring a distance of 10cm or less. This may be a transfer of data between an NFC tag attached to a smart poster and an NFC enabled mobile phone, or an NFC reader scanning an NFC wristband for event access.

About the technology

NFC allows two-way interactions between devices. It utilizes the key elements in existing standards for contactless card technology (ISO/IEC 14443 A&B and JIS-X 6319-4), offering a maximum communication speed of 424 kbps.

What Can NFC be used for?

Asset Tracking | Advertisements | Loyalty | Coupons | Physical Access | Events | Contactless Payments

Where can you apply NFC?

 Smart PostersDirect Mail MaterialsExhibition Stands
 Product & Sales Literature Adhesive LabelsPackaging (Bottles / Containers)

Who can use NFC?

NFC can be used in any industry sector. Here are some examples of the more popular sectors where we have seen NFC adopted:

Health | Education | Marketing | Events | Transport | Travel | Retail | Hospitality | Leisure

Benefits of NFC

  • Instant information for the end user
  • Tailored content
  • Content can be updated
  • NFC mobile phone can be used as a ticket for accessing events
  • Share business cards with a touch
  • Pay for goods with a tap of an NFC mobile phone

What we can help you with

WristbandsWe have strong relationships with NFC software developers and agencies and can offer you advice and guidance on ways of utilizing NFC for your individual applications or projects. Having worked with contactless technology for the past decade, our knowledge on NFC tags, NFC stickers, NFC readers and NFC wristbands is second to none.

Encoding    We can encode NFC cards, NFC tags, NFC fobs and NFC labels with NFC Forum compatible data depending on your requirements.

Personalization    We can personalize many different form factors including plastic cards, tags, fobs and labels. This can include graphical personalization as well as materials and adhesives that can be applied.

Take a look at our online store for all your NFC product needs, call us  (1-800-810-4959) or Email Us and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.