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Mobile Access

With technology on the rise and more use of mobile devices, you can access and monitor several areas of your company building using HID’s mobile access solution. Even though everything will be becoming mobile, this doesn’t mean that your data becomes less secure – you can install your mobile access control solution with confidence and ensure that your data and privacy is protected.

Benefits of Mobile Access

There are many benefits of having mobile access and that doesn’t necessarily mean that your access must be on a mobile device. You have the freedom to choose which device you would like to have your access control HID Silver Logo Webon, whether that be your mobile, tablet, wristbands, smart watches, and other wearables that you use daily – the choice is truly yours! Your mobile device can replace the traditional smart card which means you may avoid forgetting your access control pass on a day-to-day basis.


One of the main advantages of using HID Mobile Access is that you can use the same device for various applications including, access to gates and doors, logging onto a network, opening locks, releasing documents, time and attendance management of your staff, cashless vending, which minimizes people carrying cash whilst in work and more.

Whilst it is available for these applications, it is also a very efficient and cost saving process by allowing you to monitor your credentials, your virtual cards, and issue them to the correct people in the business. If you are the administrator, this also allows you to grant and decline access for certain areas of your building for each individual staff member.

It is an easy access, centralized management system with a simple enrolment for end-users through the HID App where your virtual access card sits within the app.

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Please note, that this award-winning Seos® technology does not collect any personal identification information, financial and health data.

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