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Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are one of the best ways to build a strong hub of repeat customers and are a great way to influence their buying behaviour. We can provide the right loyalty solution for your organisation thanks to our team at Universal Smart Cards having worked with a number of retailers and specialist consultants on tailored loyalty schemes over the years.

Why Use a Loyalty Scheme?

Loyalty cards are a great way to offer your customers rewards and incentives, whilst increasing revenues in your business. Below are the top three reasons we believe are key drivers for offering your customers a loyalty scheme.

  1. Increased Profits

Loyalty programs have long been recognised as a key way to boost profits. Keeping this in mind, attracting new customers is often much more costly than retaining existing ones. By offering customers the opportunity of reward points that can be exchanged for store credits, discounts or other benefits, you encourage them to return to your store and spend more whilst they are there! This in turn means higher sales and ultimately more profit.

  1. Customer Referrals

Happy customers are one of the best way to promote your brand through referrals. Not only does this cost little to do, it is probably the most trusted method when it comes to the consumer. If a customer recommends your business to a friend or family member they are much more likely to buy your products or services.

  1. Vital Market Research

Introducing a loyalty scheme gives you accurate customer data. By recording information such as customer demographics and buying behaviour you can develop a strategy that encourages optimal buying behaviour. To do this you need to understand what triggers your audience to purchase and by offering loyalty incentives you will begin to see exactly what fuels your customers to return.


Our Solutions


Take a look below at the solutions we have to help you in implementing a new loyalty scheme or supporting your existing system.


Loyalty Cards

hotel card reward card


Loyalty cards are the classic way to promote your brand and drive consumer engagement. We can offer a wide range of card services; from design, to manufacture. We can support existing card options including features such as magstripes and help support your move to new technologies such as contactless. As well as this we offer a wide range of features to help keep your cards secure.




The small and mighty fob… Our fobs are the ideal way to ensure customers always have their loyalty card to hand. This compact alternative to a card can be attached to key, kept in a wallet or even behind a mobile phone case. Ensure your customers always have their account on them with these handy fobs.

Full Loyalty Schemes

As a leading smart card provider, we have strong links with partners who are able to offer fully integrated loyalty card solutions. By using ourselves for card production and working with our partners, we can ensure both your cards and system are the best they can be for your budget. We offer great customer service, the latest technology and a robust solution tailored to your business requirements.


Why Buy Loyalty Cards From Universal?



Having been in the industry for many years our team have a wealth of experience in card production and design. This means we can guide you through the process of selecting the right loyalty card solution for you. Our experts can advise on a range of options available and ensure you have the right features for your needs, as well as future-proofing your cards. In addition, we have strong relationships with industry specialists, when it comes to loyalty software and integration solutions.



Each of our customers has their own dedicated account manager, helping give you peace of mind that your cards can be produced with minimum hassle and maximum quality. In addition to expert advice to select the best loyalty card system for you, we also can provide you with in-house card printing and personalisation.

Our UK based Technical Centre also provides you with a choice of contactless and magnetic stripe encoding (Hi-Co & Lo-Co). We also offer a range of print techniques, which allows you to create a bespoke design with a high-quality finish. 



As an ISO 9001 accredited company that has been trading for over 10 years in the ‘emerging market’ all areas of our operation adhere to high-quality standards. When you buy cards from Universal Smart Cards you can be assured of the best quality of print and materials, ensuring cards last as long as possible. Read more about our accreditations here. 


“We have been purchasing printed loyalty and gift cards from Universal for a few years and always receive a fantastic service. The cards look great and the turnaround time is very good!  

 We often have very specific requests regarding numbering and colours and this has never been an issue, which is very refreshing, as we know that our customers will receive cards that look great, meaning that they will come back for more.

Our account manager is the lovely Joanna Smith, who is always helpful and keeps us updated on delivery times etc. She is amazingly organised, which means we know we can relax and just wait for the cards to arrive.

The whole service is great from start to finish”

 – Tina Brett (Reward-it Limited)