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Logical Access

Logical AccessIf you’re looking to improve your identity credentials when logging on to PCs, Universal Smart Cards can help you with the implementation of a logical access solution.

We can work independently or in partnership with specialist integrators, when it comes to specifying the best smart cards, card readers and software to work with new or existing operating systems and devices.

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You may want to apply multi-factor authentication when users log on to PCs, laptops or tablets, etc. This can be achieved by employing a smart card that supports Windows authentication for instance, such as or

Credentials such as pins, passwords, certificates and biometrics (fingerprints) can be stored on the card. When logging on to a device with, for example, a PIN followed by a smart card, this adds an additional layer of security when verifying users. Alternatively, a contactless card can be used to support tap and go solutions such as the solutions from Imprivata or HID SEOS. This can include cloud and web based applications.

The same approach can be applied when users access certain applications. For example, in a hospital environment doctors may be authorized to access certain applications (such as patient records) where other hospital staff may be limited to other applications. Universal Smart Cards can help roll out logical access solutions in hospitals, universities, law enforcement branches and the corporate landscape.


BYOD or BLEIf you’re involved in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scheme, managing the security risks is critical. Universal Smart Cards can help you to manage this by implementing a logical access control solution. Multi-factor authentication can be applied in order for users to securely log on to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. This will ensure that users authenticate their identity using something they know and something they have. Universal Smart Cards can help with cards that will support NFC devices, many of which come with Android. This is key for IT security both during normal working hours and also outside working hours.

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