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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) (also known as Bluetooth Smart) is a low energy transmitter that shares information with your phone, via a frequency similar to Wi-Fi.

BLE in HealthcareBLE essentially connects you to the environment around you, via your smartphone, and works with any device that contains a Bluetooth Radio. A common example of the everyday usage of BLE is smartwatches; your smartphone connects to the watch via BLE and shares your texts or calls with it, displaying the details you need on the screen.

Bluetooth low energy is used in healthcare environments by using a BLE beacon to save the time and resources of healthcare staff. The beacon can be connected to a weight scale, blood pressure gauge or blood glucose meter, for example, and then linked to a smartphone which will automatically send the information to the database of the health service.

Want to get the best results from advertisements? BLE can help you. By merely placing a beacon in any location, you can send out advertisements to potential customers, which will display on their smartphones. However, the usage of BLE does not stop here.

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