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Are you looking for an all in one solution to design, manage and print your ID cards? If so, then CardExchange is the solution for you!

With five versions to pick from CardExchange offers a package for every size of business, allowing for a more tailored approach when picking the software that’s right for your organisation. These packages range from an entry-level version, for those looking to print small numbers of cards with limited templates, to more advanced packages that allow you to manage much larger projects where you have a large number of records and require features like encoding and user management. CardExchange supports a wide range of institutions from banks and universities, to airports and hospitals and a host of other business from small to large enterprises. No matter the size of your organisation, the unparalleled range of packages is sure to have the perfect solution for you!

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Why choose CardExchange?

With over fifteen years’ experience CardExchange are a leading manufacturer of card printing software and have truly refined their offering with user experience in mind. CardExchange has been designed with simplicity in mind and every version has an easy to use card designer, that allows you to create your perfect card in eight simple steps. Once you’ve created your card it gets even easier, each time you need to print a card find the record using the search bar, enter/edit/delete the data, take a photo and print – it’s as easy as that, you’ve printed your card in four easy steps, with just a few clicks! Its offering of five packages means that you can get an edition that is truly tailored to your organisation from a simple entry-level version to more advanced versions with database connectivity, networking, and advanced encoding. Just find and pay for the package that is right for you. You can even upgrade your version later with the purchase of a simple activation code, there’s no need to start again. What’s more, is there’s no need to wait for delivery, Universal Smart Cards send your license key electronically and you can get up and running straight away!
Choosing your package

So, how do you go about choosing the correct package for you? We’ve made the process as simple as possible, simply take a look at the table below and pick out the version that supports the features you require. If you’re still not sure then take a look at some of our handy tips on selecting the right version for your organisation.

Our top tips for choosing a package

Do you need to print only or encode?

If your only looking to print then choose between Go, Premium or Professional. If you need additional encoding, you’ll need either business or Enterprise.

Do you need to connect to a Database?

Check the database connectivity you need and choose between Premium (basic connectivity supported) or Professional, Business or Enterprise (advanced connectivity).

Do you need multiple users running over the network?

Choose between Business or Enterprise versions. All other versions are single-user licences only. However, it is easy to share common design templates by using a USB stick, as an example, between single-user licence applications.

How many staff records and card designs do you need?

CardExchange Go allows up to 200 records and 5 card designs at any one time, and the other packages are unlimited. 


CardExchange - Edition Comparison

 CardExchange Go®CardExchange Premium®CardExchange Professional®CardExchange Business®CardExchange Enterprise®
LevelBasic/Entry Level SolutionMid Range SolutionMid/High Level SolutionHigh Level SolutionHigh Level Solution
License ModelSingle User License Only

Single User License Only

All the features of Card Exchange Go but adding:

Single User License Only

All the features of Card Exchange Premium but adding:

Network License Available

All the features of Card Exchange Professional but adding:

Network License Available

All the features of Card Exchange Business but adding:

FeaturesInternal SQLite DatabaseMore database connectivity including MS Excel, CSV, Text, Paradox, MS Access, SQLite Database ConnectivityAdvanced Database connectivity including SQL, MySQL, Oracle Native Connections, ODBC links, ability to link data to multiple databasesSimple MIFARE® Wizard allowing you to encode MIFARE Classic® 1K & 4KAbility to encode DESFire Ev1 Cards (EV2 should be available by Q3 2020)
 Max of 200 recordsNo limit on number of recordsAutomatic Photo CroppingAbility to read HID Prox and Iclass cards and save to the databaseSupport for Active Directory Read & Write (LDAP) integration, including the storage of photos
 Max of 5 card templatesUnlimited number of card templatesDatabase FiltersAbility to run the product on your network. Choose between single user licences OR run on your network with concurrent users. 
 Produces CR80 cards onlyNo card size/format limit Centrally manage all client licences and shared data in any location on your network without the need for a dedicated server. You can download to as many clients as you like; just buy the number concurrent users you need 
 1D Barcode printing2D Barcode printing Python scripting 
 Magstripe EncodingSignature tablet support External plug in's can be purchased for contact smart cards, legic, MIFARE Ultralight®, Paxton Net2 
 Camera Support  Biometric scanner support (Topaz) 
 No user permissionsUser permissions available ID Document Scanner Support (Scanshell) 
Typical ClientsSmall businesses, clubs, and organisations with less than 200 staff, no more than 5 badge designs at any one timeMost popular package for mid size businesses needing more card template designs, unlimited records, and database connectivityLarger authorities or organisations that to connect multiple databases. All connected databases are updated in one step at the moment you print your cardLarger organisations wanting to manage Mifare Classic, HID Prox, HID Iclass and having multiple users over a network.Larger organisations wanting to manage Mifare DESFfire Cards and support Active Directory Read and Write (LDAP) integration.

For a full comparison of features, check out the full feature comparison here.

Still looking for more help with choosing your CardExchange package? No problem, get in touch and one of our experts who will be happy to assist you!

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  1. CardExchange Go Edition

    CardExchange GO Edition Software

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  2. CardExchange Premium Edition Software

    CardExchange Premium Edition Software

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  3. CardExchange Professional Edition Software

    CardExchange Professional Edition Software

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  4. CardExchange Business Edition Software

    CardExchange Business Edition Software

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  5. CardExchange Enterprise Edition Software

    CardExchange Enterprise Edition Software

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