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Printing Cards at Time of Manufacture

Printing Cards V2Did you know your card bodies are made up of several layers of materials bonded together during the lamination process? And that  your designs are printed and applied to the outside of the cover layers prior to the clear overlays?

Here at Universal Smart Cards we guarantee that your cards will be printed to the highest standards; because we know that these cards will be representing you and your organization out in the field! We want to guide you and share our knowledge so we can ensure your cards are exactly as you wish. We also have the ability to program personalized data inside the card memory using our own encoding facility.

If you want to know more about the different processes we use in the printing of your cards, please read below.

Offset Printing

Generally, offset printing is very good for printing detail (such as small fonts and fine objects). It is advised to use offset printing when using screened layouts or four colors (CMYK). With offset printing colours are less brilliant than with silkscreen printing.


 Silkscreen Printing

This process should be used for extensive layout element, because more ink is applied to the printing sheet. This gives a more vibrant feel to the artwork. The disadvantage of more ink is that with bleeding, fine layout elements may disappear causing the printing to look less precise.

 Bleeding layouts

Bleeding layouts should generally be printed silkscreen, at least those colors touching the card’s border. Of course, this is only possible if the colors are not screened or CMYK printed.

We can further provide you with a number of additional options including:

Signature Panels | Magnetic Stripes | Hot Foiling | Bar Codes | Photo Identification | Serial/Sequential Numbering

For further advisement on the printing of your cards at time of manufacture, email us here or call us  (1-800-810-4959) and one of our expert team member will happily advise you.