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SONY DSCIn conjunction with personalizing your cards, we offer supporting services that are used to deliver a message in relation to your brand. Your cards can be attached to a document which is then mailed out by us on your behalf. The document can be personalized with your branding, images and specific text. This can be done as part of the enrollment process in a university or retail organizations rolling out of their loyalty cards.

Paper choice

At Universal Smart Cards we are not limited to the generic A4 fan-folded letter. We also offer the option of most paper sizes up to A3 as well as custom shapes. Card positioning on the letter and how the sheets are folded can also be produced to suit almost any application you require.


Card dispatch can be to individual or bulk mailing locations (e.g. branches) and via a number of dispatch agents.


A number of reports can be produced to accompany the personalization process. These reports include a Manifest File, Activity Report and a Stock Report.

Manifest File: The manifest is a special file that can contain information about the products packaged. It details all cards personalized on a given day, and will contain information that you may need to maintain any back-end systems.

Activity Report: An Activity Report is produced to show you how many documents have been sent out and to whom.

Stock Report: These are used to monitor stock usage and are useful management information.

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