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HiTi Printers & Ribbons

We’re proud to present our range of HiTi products below, a selection of high-quality and cost-effective options that offer a wide array of benefits to organisations that need to print cards in-house in particular. This partnership with HiTi allows you to start creating cards in-house whilst maintaining quality, increasing efficiency as well as reducing costs. The HiTi CS-200e is an expertly crafted device that offers multi-thickness support, a range of upgradable encoding options including an intuitive user interface all whilst maintaining a good price point. These features are just a few of the reasons that this range is becoming such a popular choice across businesses worldwide!

Rely on the great quality of these HiTi printers for a wide range of purposes including loyalty, membership card and gift vouchers across many different industries. Due to their continual focus on developing their competence in the field of dye-sublimation, HiTi have been able to create a range of printers that offer vivid prints that capture even the smallest shifts in hue, creating the most realistic and high-quality prints possible. Additional modules can be purchased to ensure that your printer fulfils all of your needs, from RFID encoding, to extra capacity input hopper, HiTi have thought of everything!

Because of our partnership with HiTi and our strong belief in the quality of their products, we have invested in a fully stocked workshop in order to be able to offer a 3-year warranty to fulfil maintenance and repairs on any printers that need it.

If you would like any further help looking at how the HiTi range might be applied to your particular needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us, a member of our team would be very happy to help you get exactly what you need!

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