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This entry was posted on 16th June 2016.

On the 14th June 2016, Universal Smart Cards hosted a partner meeting to discuss support for their new product, Universal JCard.

Universal JCard is a high-end microprocessor smart card which contains an Infineon SLE78 chip, with Oracle’s own Java Card software. Not only is the Universal JCard extremely secure with its cryptographic functions including TDES, AES and Elliptic Curve. Bespoke Applets can be created for multi applications such as payment, transport and e-government.

The day kicked off with an introduction to this latest microprocessor smart card, followed by a talk by Infineon’s Chris Shire, …. Manager, about their latest silicone, the SLE78.  Each industry specialist at the meeting participated in an open forum and by the end of the session all parties involved expressed an interest in supporting the app development, whether that be for payment, transport, access control and other applications.

Universal Smart Cards strong strategic relationships allow them to help clients with all their smart card needs. “By developing a support network for Universal JCard, it will allow us to offer clients the greatest flexibility when they need to roll out multi-application schemes. Not only can we guide on the best smart card for the job technically, we can put clients in touch with recommended solution specialists to create bespoke applications for their projects.” said Chris Allen, Director.

For more information of the Universal JCard, click here

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Posted by Josh Coulson