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This entry was posted on 14th July 2016.

Hertfordshire based smart card experts, Universal Smart Cards, have teamed up with Infineon technologies to provide a highly-secure microprocessor smart card for use in government, transport and banking.

The Universal JCard is based on Infineon SLE78 hardware and benefits from Oracle’s own Javacard™ software. Taking advantage of the latest silicone manufactured by Infineon, Universal Smart Cards are able to supply clients with a highly secure smart card, benefitting from RSA, Elliptic Curves, TDES and AES security, to name but a few of its leading edge functionality.

Not only does Universal JCard offer leading edge security, its SOLID Flash based memory is quicker than traditional EEPROM cards, speeding up transaction times which can make a huge difference in projects where time is key.

“Having worked in the smart card industry over 15 years, security and performance is crucial. We have worked on many schemes including closed loop payment and national ID with organisations all over the world. We’re really excited to offer our very own smart card, the Universal JCard, because it’s the perfect solution where a card is needed for multiple applications. Another advantage of the Universal JCard is that bespoke applets can be applied to the card, giving great flexibility, as well as futureproofing the card bringing real value for money” Said Deyrick Allen, Director of Sales & Marketing

Universal Smart Cards are giving developers the opportunity to test the technology using their Evaluation Kit available to purchase at

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Posted by Josh Coulson