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This entry was posted on 28th November 2018.

The trade war between America and China has escalated with both countries announcing various waves of import tariffs. The new tariffs have been implemented at a rate of 10% beginning this past September, and will see a further increase, jumping to 25% as of January 2019. These new import fees are now being applied to thousands of Chinese products. This means that around half of the products that China sells to the US will be impacted by the new tariffs. Manufactured products are included in these proposals, which will affect all types of smart cards regardless of the technology.

Organizations such as hotels will be heavily impacted by these new import tariffs, and whilst many card suppliers in the US will be affected by these new tariffs, Universal Smart Cards intend to keep prices as low as possible. With supply chains in the UK, Europe, and Asia, Universal Smart Cards can provide bank quality printing, various encoding options, and a wide variety of designs and security features at highly competitive prices despite the tariffs. Universal Smarts Cards can also offer a large array of card materials, as well as a huge range of other technologies such as fobs and wristbands suited to your business needs.

For a quote on your hotel key cards and other smart technology, please contact one of our experts at Universal Smart Cards today!

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