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Introducing the world’s first NFC Forum Approved Type 4A & Type 4B NFC Reference Tags!

This entry was posted on 21st August 2019.


NFC tags are revolutionizing the way users interact on a day to day basis, offering users the ability to access a wealth of digital information and services. Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Infineon® SECORA™ Pay W NFC Type 4 Reference Tags.

A partnership between Universal Smart Cards and Infineon Technologies AG has enabled the production of these NFC reference tags that combine Infineon’s SECORA™ Pay technology with Universal’s crystal fob format to create a handy solution for developers wishing to test interoperability with all types of internationally standardized NFC protocols. Reliable data exchange remains one of the major challenges for positive user experience, however, Infineon’s technology enables seamless connectivity. The reference fobs have been successfully approved under the NFC Forum Certification Program, which confirms their compliance with the Type 4A and Type 4B Tags. Additionally, the Type 4B Tag is the first product in the world to be certified by the NFC Forum as supporting the Type B protocol.

To date, NFC tags have been generally limited to use cases where security is not deemed critical; such as sharing URL’s or exchanging business cards. NFC tags offer a host of other benefits, beyond this general data sharing, and can be combined with security-critical applications. Their appeal is further increased by native support among a growing number of smartphone operating systems. Users can activate a range of services via NFC connectivity without having to open an app, and thus instantly connect their mobile to smart devices such as wearables or access shared services such as scooters. This intuitive connectivity makes life in an ever-increasing digital world much easier for consumers, without compromising on security. With the introduction of these reference tags, developers will be able to work on and test a wide range of solutions such as these without comprising on security!

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These tags come pre-loaded within with NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) files so developers can test a wide variety of smartphones for compliance with ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and Type B.

The Infineon® SECORA™ Pay W NFC Type 4 Reference Tags can be purchased as a pair from our online store here.

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