MULTOS™ Smart Card Training Kit

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Product Description

The MULTOS software development kit includes everything you need to get going with application secure development on smart cards.

MULTOS is a global leader in smart card technology that delivers highly secure, interoperable platforms for any applications. Specified and maintained by the independent MULTOS consortium, key features of the technology include an on-chip virtual machine that provides strong security, platform independence and a unique application load and verification system, based on public key cryptography. This avoids many of the usual problems faced with other smart card OS platform’s, such as key management.

The MULTOS OS can run multiple applications for a wide range of uses such as IoT, payment, identification, transit and mobile. These applications are typically written in C and the training kit includes a USB kit loaded with reference documentation, training materials and code samples as well as the required Eclipse development environment toolchain plug-ins.

In addition to the USB stick, the kit also includes a Gemalto IDBridge CT30 smart card reader and two 36K MULTOS contact chip community developer cards that have been enabled on the MULTOS Key Management Authority (KMA). The KMA allows for applications and data to be loaded securely in an insecure environment.


The MULTOS Training Kit contains:

-       1 X Gemalto CT30 Smart Card Reader

-       2 x 36K MULTOS contact chip community developer cards

-       1 x USB Stick


For more information on this kit, or to order further supplies of the MULTOS cards get in touch today and a member of our knowledgeable team will be happy to help you!

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