MULTOS™ IoT Developer Kit

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Product Description

The MULTOSTMIoT developer kit has been developed to allow developers to write, load, test and debug MULTOS applications running in a MULTOS trust anchor.

A MULTOS trust anchor is a secure microcontroller like those found in bank and ID cards but offers more flexibility and power. In addition to its hardened, tamper resistant hardware from one of the world’s leading manufacturers, it runs on the MULTOS operating system, the most secure microcontroller OS in the world. MULTOS provides robust anti-hacking counter measures, totally secure provisioning, application isolation and a unique identity. 

A MULTOS trust anchor is ideal for use anywhere that requires secure cryptographic operations and secure storage of sensitive data. Dependant on the use case, a MULTOS trust anchor can be used as the master microcontroller in a smaller device or as the cryptographic co-processor in a larger device. 

The IoT developer kit allows for debugging to be performed. In many situations debugging can be done in-chip making development much easier. The on-board LED and push switch on the evaluation board reduce the need to connect external components for test purposes. 

Once working on the evaluation board you can then progress to breadboarding and prototype stages using the breakout and Nano boards. 


The IoT Developer Kit Contains: 

-      USB Micro USB Cable

-      MULTOS Evaluation Board

-      MULTOS Nano Board

-      Product Information Leaflet


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