Gemalto IDCore 10 White Gloss PVC Card

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  • Brand: Gemalto
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  • Memory Size: 80 KB


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Product Description

The Gemalto IDCore 10 is based on Gemalto Java Card platform. One of the advantages of the ID Core 10 is that it benefits from the latest release of Java Card technology standards. This Java Card platform is available from Gemalto as an open platform, multi-application card and is very well suited toward markets including identity, security and access control. It's a Public Key Java card that supports both RSA and elliptic curves, therefore the card meets the most advanced security requirements of long term, multi-application programs, including those being deployed by large global applications. The IDCore 10 complies with Java Card standard 2.2.2 (& 3.0.1 for elliptic curve algorithms), Global Platform 2.1.1 (amendment A) and ISO 7816.

The key benefits of the IDCore 10 are;

Optimised Memory extends multi-application capability, large data capacity and lifetime.

Easy application deployment - MPCOS applet is fully compatible with the high performance native MPCOS Operating System and OATH OTP applet offers One Time Password services.

Real Garbage Collector - Memory can be released to the platform in real-time upon object deletion and made available to the applets.

Performance - IDCore 10 Virtual machine has been highly optimized to offer maximum software performance without compromising security.

Flexibility and Modularity - The open platform principle and interoperability enable the separation of application development (Applet) from the platform. This also supports aggressive time-to-market for introduction of new applications. Existing third-party applets from most vendors can be loaded and cards that are compatible with existing ones can be generated quickly.

Highly Secure - The IDCore 10 platform implements the most advanced security countermeasures for enforcing protection of all sensitive data and functions in the card.

For more information please consult the datasheet or contact us and one of the team will be happy to help.


Specification & Datasheet

Memory Size80 KB

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