Omnikey 3021 USB Smart Card Reader

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SKU: R-HD-R30210315-1

  • Brand: Omnikey
  • Type: Contact
  • Interface: USB
  • Colour: Silver
  • Additional Info:


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Product Description

If you or your organisation requires a versatile and portable card reader then it is worth considering the Omnikey 3021 USB reader. Designed to facilitate easy device installation, with high quality-drivers for all major PC operating systems such as Windows platform to Linux and Mac OS. It is great for large-scale organisations with any type of contact smart card software.

The unique size of the Omnikey 3021 contact reader offers a great solution to organisations that require large scale deployments and mass distribution. If this is something you need to do, Universal Smart Cards can offer guidance.

The Omnikey 3021 reader can be used for major scale usage of cards across an organisation or event, which makes short work of mass recognition processes.

The Omnikey 3021 reader is one of many Omnikey contact chip readers manufactured by HID Global. There are a number of other Omnikey contact chip readers available such as the Omnikey 3111 serial reader or the Omnikey 3121 USB reader. There’s also the Omnikey 2061 Bluetooth reader which is great for use in cleanroom environments.

For further information on the Omnikey 3021 reader or any other Omnikey reader please do not hesitate to contact us.

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