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Evohold® Metal Detectable Single Sided ID Card Holders - Horizontal (Pack of 100)

Evohold® Metal Detectable Single Sided ID Card Holders - Horizontal (Pack of 100)
Evohold® Metal Detectable Single Sided ID Card Holders - Horizontal (Pack of 100)

These EvoHold metal detectable badge holders are the perfect way to protect your ID cards whilst also ensuring that any broken or lost badge holders can be detected in environments where it may be crucial that no foreign objects access the area. These are most commonly used in food production environments where metal detectors are capable of detecting even minuscule amounts of metal which can then be quickly removed from the production system.

So how do EvoHold detectable badge holders work?

During the manufacturing process, stainless steel filings are added to the badge holders which is what makes them easily locatable by metal detectors. Unlike other detectable badge holders, EvoHold uses a high percentage of steel filings which ensures that metal detectors can quickly pick up even the smallest amount of a badge holder.

With these badge holders, you can also benefit from the addition of Biomaster, a formula that is added at the time of manufacture to make the badge holders antimicrobial. This means that should your badge holders come into contact with bacteria it cannot grow and spread, minimizing the risk of bacteria being transferred into the workplace. Want to learn more about antimicrobial badge holders? Check out our antimicrobial badge holders here.

The EvoHold detectable badge holders feature an open-face design which allows users to display their cards so that security officials and other members of your organization can easily identify both staff and visitors. They also ensure that your cards are well protected to help deter wear and tear and prolong the life of your cards. These ridged card holders allow for a lanyard to be easily attached to the top of the badge holder and keep the card from bending, whilst protecting each corner of the card. These badge holders are black in color and come in packs of 100.

Why buy EvoHold detectable badge holders?

-A high percentage of steel filings making them easily detectable.

-Manufactured in the UK. Made using recycled materials.

-BPA free. 100% Recyclable.

Why not check out our great range of lanyards as the perfect accompaniment for your badge holders? For more information on this product please contact us for further assistance.

MaterialPolypropylene, Biomaster Additive & Stainless Steel
Weight10 Grams per holder
Dimensions9cm x 0.5cm x 5.5cm
10+ $26.32
50+ $20.34
100+ $20.11
500+ $19.89
  • Model: A-B-25-BL-H
  • Dimensions: 9.00cm x 0.50cm x 5.50cm
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