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Smart Cards in the Hotel Industry - Why Hotels and Businesses are making the change from Magstripe to RFID.

This entry was posted on 2nd February 2022.


There is no comparison between RFID and Magstripe key card technologies. It is no longer a question of “if” but rather, “when” to make the move for many businesses. The pandemic has further shifted us into a touch-free world, and hospitality along with many other industries are embracing the change.

Why make the switch from Magstipe to RFID?

Whether you operate a resort, hotel, motel, spa, or villa; contactless Prox cards have become essential in the hospitality industry. Magstripe key cards are notorious for malfunctions, consuming the hotel staff’s time with unnecessary reprogramming while frustrating guests. Magstripe data is also extremely easy to read and easy to clone, so the security is very low. RFID and NFC hotel key cards on the other hand allow guests secure contactless access to all hotel facilities. These cards also give guests cash free payment options at restaurants, gyms, and spas within the hotel or resort. With just a quick tap, everything can be done in a touch-free manner. Silicone RFID wristbands are also gaining in popularity, and are especially convenient at all-inclusive resorts or at various events. Likewise, secure RFID and NFC key cards and wristband technology has become prominent in transportation, the medical industry, government, and more.

It is increasingly likely that we will be seeing an influx in contactless RFID chip technology as we come out of the pandemic. For many hotels and businesses wanting to take advantage of contactless smart card and wristband technology; this presented the perfect opportunity to finally make the security swap from swipe to touch-free. Consumer expectations have also shifted greatly. As such, many hotels made the changes necessary to make their customers feel as safe and secure as possible. The same key card can be used for access to hotel amenities, pool, gym, spa, cashless payments and loyalty POS systems.

The rise in contactless transactions

By the end of summer 2021, CNBC reported that tap-to-pay transactions had grown by more than 30% in the 12 months prior. More importantly, nearly half of all Americans surveyed said they would refuse to part with their virtual cash at a business that did not accept contactless payments.

Making the switch

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