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How can RFID Technology be used in Retail environments?

This entry was posted on 9th September 2019.

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RFID technology offers many businesses a way of enhancing security, creating efficiencies and improving user satisfaction, but do you know the benefits of RFID in the retail sector? In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at some of the key applications of RFID technology, from loyalty to cashless payment RFID offers it all. So, if you’re a business owner in the retail sector then don’t miss out on this read.

Loyalty Cards

Whether you’re an organization that is just getting started or a well-established retail outlet, you should definitely consider implementing a loyalty scheme for your customers. Sounds expensive, right? Well, this is a common misconception. Let’s think about the cost of marketing required to entice new customers to your store, for many this is a huge expense. When we compare this to the cost of a loyalty scheme to keep your existing customers coming back, the cost is minimal. RFID loyalty cards have many benefits to both the customer and the organization. Often there is minimal hardware required, as the cards can be read with the installation of a contactless USB reader or can be linked to your existing payment reader. This makes RFID cards easier to deploy and customers enjoy a quick and easy transaction where they simply have to tap their card against such a reader. The retailer uses these cards to offer the customers a variety of incentives to come back to the store and collect vital information such as customer demographics, as well as the products they have purchased, enabling marketing teams to target customers with offers relevant to them. Overall, RFID loyalty cards are a great way to increase customer retention, provide vital information to the retailer and are very convenient.

Security Tags

Another area to consider is the protection of company assets and stock. Some consider RFID security tags an unnecessary expense, however when the cost of security tags is considered against the amount of stock that is stolen each year security tags pay for themselves! They are surprisingly simple and very reliable, so there is no need to worry about a tagged item being removed from the store without setting off an alarm when they pass a security barrier. With a number of different designs of security tags, they cannot be easily deactivated or removed by thieves without damaging the item they are attached to, but still remain easy for staff to remove or deactivate with specialist equipment.

Staff ID & Access Control

RFID cards and tags are a powerful tool when it comes to avoiding unauthorized access to certain areas within your premises. You can issue your staff with RFID cards that can then be programmed to work with door locks and readers within your building. These can be programmed to allow the user access only to the areas they are permitted to enter. In addition to this, the cards can be used for multiple purposes such as time and attendance, till logon and cashless vending. Aside from the many benefits RFID cards themselves offer, you can also print onto the surface of the cards with staff details allowing you and your customers to easily identify a member of staff!

 Stock Taking & Inventory Tracking

With the introduction of RFID labels, stock-taking has never been easier! By adding RFID labels to product packaging or tags on the items in your store, you can transform the way stock-taking is undertaken. When goods are delivered to your store, RFID labels with unique identifiers can be added to your products and a member of staff simply needs to hold an RFID reader close to the item to record it in your inventory, this can then be used to identify the item when it comes to stock take. When staff complete a stock take, they will simply have to tap each item in the store with a portable RFID reader and the item is identified against the inventory. This allows you to easily identify missing items, as any unscanned inventory can be highlighted in a report. It’s also a great addition when it comes to returns and refunds – you can quickly and easily identify that the item was actually sold at your store!

In conclusion…

RFID brings some great advantages for your retail company and your customers! It’s a great way to add an extra level of security, track your inventory, keep staff & premises secure and reward customers. If you are considering implanting a technology, then use RFID for endless possibilities. For more information then please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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